Utility accessories for Mobile Mechanics Melbourne: Finding the right one for you!

Need to find a good solution for your cargo needs? Thought of the ute tray lately? There must have been a lot of questions in your mind troubling you. Ahead are the kinds of aluminum trays into which you would broadly divide the cargo. So if you haven’t been a pro in choosing the right one, here’s a chance to pick up some quick trays that might help you find the right fit for you.

There are various manufacturers of aluminum ute trays in Melbourne that come up with two major categorizations. They are Standard aluminium trays and Heavy-duty aluminum trays. You don’t have to be biased, as below are the properties of both the types of trays, which can help you find the right fit for you.

Standard Aluminium Tray

Standard aluminum trays are developed in a manner to be used for various functions by :

  • Fleet operators
  • Tradesmen
  • Courier deliveries
  • Camping enthusiasts
  • Other cargo needs

As you can see, they provide several utility options in various applications. At the same time, they are also said to be low budget options. The standard aluminium tray is truly meant for those customers who believe in value for their hard earned money. Despite being called standard, they are meant for light weight commercial vehicles, be it Dual or Single Cab utes. If you’d rather turn in your ute to a cash for cars service in Melbourne then we highly recommend that you get in touch with Danny Scrap Metal for the best price on your ute. With that money you can probably save up to buy a brand new ute.

Below are the properties:

  • Standard trays are fabricated in good quality aluminium.
  • They are lightest in weight which would lead to maximum payload, lesser fuel consumption and advantageous for tyre.
  • They come with integrated load stops on headboard.

Heavy Duty Aluminium Tray

Heavy-duty aluminium trays, as the name suggests, are built for vehicles with heavy-duty specifications. They are robust enough to ensure that your heavy-duty cargo is carried without any damage to them. They are meant for:

  • Tradesmen who deal with higher weight values.
  • A weekender who has plans to carry heavy stuff for his family picnic along.
  • For those who have rough patches to cover during their journey.

Their properties include:

  • Made up of aluminium, along with powder coated zinc or mild steel.
  • Empowered with our stainless steel catches and hinges.
  • They come with locking pins, which are adjustable.
  • They have double ribbed floor.
  • The nuts and bolts used are of supreme quality with properties like high tensile strength.
  • The mesh window protectors are also available with us.

Apart from ute trays, Fleet trades also offers great range of ute tool boxes and aluminium ute canopy in Melbourne. So next time you are looking out for any of these, this can definitely help you out.

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