5 tips to choosing the right concrete floor for your business

Concrete flooring is a preferred choice for industries and businesses establishments. But they are equally popular among homeowners. Concrete flooring is popular because it offers innumerable benefits, that’s why if you’re deciding on getting concrete paving services then we highly recommend getting in touch with JC Paving. Businesses usually opt for polished concrete floor as it is extremely durable and looks very elegant. If you are thinking about laying your commercial space with concrete, here are some top tips for you:

  • Choose the right colour: Choosing the right flooring colour is extremely important. The colour of the floor should complement the interiors. It must blend with the overall decor and not stand out awkwardly. Thankfully, when it comes to colour, there are lots of choices available. There are also many patterns to choose from. Explore various options and visualize the space with them. Sedate and subtle colours are best suited for businesses. Bold and vibrant colours add an element of funk but do not match the professional tastes.
  • Covering or no covering: Figure out whether you want to cover the flooring or not. Concrete floors are sometimes covered with carpets or wood. There are many types of concrete flooring available and some of them are pretty expensive. If you are planning to lay a cover over the floor then there is no point spending money on expensive concrete. A carpet aids movement and reduces the risks of injuries in case someone slips and falls. But they may not look as aesthetically appealing as the bare flooring.
  • Polishing: This is another important factor to consider while installing the concrete flooring for your business. There are many polished concrete services in Melbourne that provide quality polishing options. Polishing the floor has several advantages. It makes concrete shiny and elegant. It is also quite environment friendly. Besides that, it adds another layer of protection over the floor. However, installation of polished flooring is a little difficult and may take longer than expected.


  • Find the right contractor: Finding the right contractor for concrete flooring is very important, one of the best in the industry is JC Paving, visit their service page for more info on what they offer. Installing this type of flooring is not very easy. It has to be done the right way to get best results. The contractor who has the right amount of experience and required expertise can get the desired results. For instance, if you want epoxy flooring in Melbourne find the contractor who knows how to do it.
  • Know your budget: Concrete flooring is of many types. The prices may vary depending upon the type you have chosen. Also, the size of the area to be covered determines the total cost. Before you hire the contractor, you will want to determine the total amount you can allocate for the flooring. This will help you decide what kind of flooring you can choose. For example, if you are going for concrete benchtops services, you will need the right amount of money for it.