What a Pre-Purchase Property Inspection Entails

Buying a home comes with a lot of excitement that could turn into a nightmare when everything in the property starts to fall apart. This is why you should have an inspection carried out to inform you the condition of the house. Also referred to as a building survey or a house inspection, it identifies notable defects, property deterioration, maintenance issues likely to occur in the future or poor structural work. Once you determine the issues, you can pull out of the deal, negotiate on the price or have repairs done beforehand.

What Do You Need From The Inspection?

An inspection involves an examination of the roof, exterior walls, wall linings, doors and windows, heating system, ceilings, insulation and so much more. The process is visual with only the areas that are safe and reasonable to access being inspected. An inspector can move furniture around but will not remove any wall linings during the examination. Due to this, not all defects can be reported by the inspector. However, you can request for a special purpose inspection which covers underground parts of the survey, concealed plumbing, gas fittings and electrical installations. You can also ask the inspector to see if any unauthorised building work was done and get a review of the sewerage plans as well. Moreover, if you have any concerns on the weather tightness of the house, it is recommendable to get an inspector who is specialised in that area.

Choose the Right Inspector

When choosing a building inspector, you should consider a few things. Verify if the person is qualified and a member of a professional body has up to date indemnity insurance and is experienced in building inspection. Find out if there is any exclusion during the contract signing and how long the inspection will take. It is also good to have an inspector who is independent of both the buyer and the seller. Finally, also determine if the report will be tick box, full narrative or a few comments. The inspector should explain the report to you as well. If you are in Melbourne, we recommend BB Building inspections for pre purchase house inspection melbourne or professional and reliable termite inspectors melbourne. If you want to find the right inspector, we would recommend BB Building Inspections in Melbourne. Contact them at their official page here.

The Report

Once you get the report, it is important to do your own assessment as well based on the information in the report. Look at the defects and decide if you can live with them or you can be able to have them fixed. The price of an inspection depends on the size of the structure and any special requests. However, keep in mind that the report does not guarantee that all defects have been found or that the house meets all the conditions of the Building Act.

Selling your property is going to be an emotional roller coaster and making sure you are ready to hire a real estate Creswick agent is an important step to ensuring the sales campaign is as successful as possible.

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