Why Glass Splashbacks Are the Ultimate Solution for a Kitchen

Trying to prepare meals in a worn kitchen can be a depressing experience. No matter how much you scrub your tiles, they always look dirty. It could be time to consider doing a kitchen reno, complete with an elegant glass splashback along your back wall. Glass splashbacks aren’t as expensive as you may think, yet it’ll appear you paid a million bucks to renovate your kitchen from dingy, to modern and elegant.

Traditionally a splashback was installed directly behind the sink, to protect the walls from water, moisture and dirt. What many homeowners are deciding to do now is to install a glass splashback around the upper walls of the kitchen as a design feature.

Your glass splashback can be installed on the back walls directly above your counters, instead of installing expensive tiling. They also can be installed right behind your oven/stove appliance. They’re heat treated to withstand heat behind your stove, whether gas or electric. The experts will let you know whether you may need to also install a heat-resistant panel directly behind your splash back, but they can provide quick and easy installation of anything related to glass splashbacks.

Many people have windows in their kitchen. Window glass replacement Melbourne, can not only help you install your glass splashbacks, but your window glass as well. You can even colour-coordinate so your window matches the rest of your kitchen. You don’t need to have plain clear glass for your windows or splashbacks. You can choose from a wide range of colours on the colour wheel.

The ultimate glass splashback will transform your kitchen from boring to cool and elegant, all with a reasonable quote. Glass splashback options vary from clear white matte glass to bright shiny coloured glass to coordinate with your appliances, and kitchen accessories. Textures and designs are nearly endless with options and you can even have custom products made to your liking.

Glass splashbacks are a better solution for your kitchen. Gone are the days of hiring a tile setter to painstakingly install tiling all around your counters, sink, and appliances. The sticker shock was appalling, and keeping tiles and grout clean can be a frustrating experience. Mould and mildew can start growing within the grout, and regrouting can be a very expensive process BackStory.us

Glass splashbacksare super easy to keep clean. Since their surface is smooth and flat, all you have to use to clean them is your favourite non-streak glass cleanser. A non-lint cloth is recommended, as it can be washed and reused, and you’re saving the environment by not using paper towels. You’ll be able to wipe down your kitchen in minutes. There will be no struggling with trying to scrape out nooks and crannies, as a glass splashback has a smooth, no gap surface.

A glass splashback is the ultimate solution for your kitchen renovation. No other product will provide an easy cleaning process with such elegant looking materials. Your friends will marvel at how elegant your kitchen looks, and think that you spent more money than you really did.

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