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Posted on 19-08-2014 19:40, by Western Sydney Parklands Trust

Wylde MTB Trail Community Open Day

Due to the heavy rain we have been experiencing over the past few days, Western Sydney Parklands Trust management has made the unfortunate decision today to postpone the official Wylde MTB Trail Community Open Day scheduled for this Sunday 24 August (12 noon to 3 pm).

As the trail requires time to dry and more rain is expected between now and Sunday, the site would not be safe for the public to use by this Sunday and will remain closed until further notice.

In regards to a new community open day, we are currently looking at an alternative Sunday in late September and you will be advised by email when that new date is set with new RSVP instructions.

I look forward to catching up with you at the Wylde MTB Trail in the near future.

Best Regards,

Senior Program Officer, Events & Programs


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Quarry Trail Closure

Posted on 17-08-2014 11:24, by SNORC

Berowra Valley Quarry Trail suddenly closed?

Many of you have ridden from Stewart Avenue in Hornsby, down into the wonderful Berowra Valley, across the historic bridge and up up up to Quarry Road Dural. It is a legendary ride and thousands have been enjoying it for decades. Now SNORC has been inundated with complaints ad questions about what's going on. So after some research here is what they found out.

There are a couple of locations along this road that have always been within the safety zone and only accessible if rifles aren't being used. So the closure is not actually 'new', it's just never been very well communicated or signposted. SNORC called the pho...


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Public Exhibition - Northbridge Park Pump Track Draft Improvement Plan

Posted on 16-08-2014 18:50, by Willoughby City Council, Chuckie

The Northbridge Park North Landscape Master Plan (2010) provides recommendations for different areas and facilities throughout Northbridge Park.  The recommendation for the pump track at Bonds Corner is:

“The existing bike track is to be improved and modified to become an off-road cycling skills track.”

In response to the recommendation, Council has engaged a specialist bike facility consultant to prepare a Draft Improvement Plan for the track.

Please Have Your Say by commenting in our forum...


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Wylde MTB Trail Community Open Day

Posted on 26-07-2014 17:48, by Western Sydney Parklands Trust


Wylde MTB Trail Community Open Day
Cecil Park, Western Sydney Parklands
Sunday 24 August
12 to 3 pm

Suellen Fitzgerald, Director Western Sydney Parklands Trust invites you, family and friends to join the community to officially open the Wylde MTB Trail at Cecil Park (just off Elizabeth Drive).

The 12 km Wylde MTB Trail has been built to International Mountain Bike Association standards and includes jump runs and a pump track.

Official proceedings

The official opening of Wylde MTB Trail will be at 12.15pm.

Opening Day Activities

On the day we will be running a number of skills clinics by trail designer and builder, Brett Barnes (Dirtz) and Western Sydney MTB Club's R...


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JetBlack 12-Hour: A New Level of Fatigue!

Posted on 15-07-2014 19:41, by Tristan White

Status: Finished
Laps: 19
Time: 12:20:59
Position (Overall): 9
Position (Category): 7

Ever since I discovered that there was an Under 23 category for 24 hour racing, I had contemplated having a go at one. Although the most I'd done in previous races was 100km events, I have done 12 and 24h rogaines (on-foot navigation competitions), so I had hoped that I'd be able to merge my cycling ability with my long-term endurance. To put things mildly though, a 24h (solo) on the bike is a a big step up from a marathon, so before I did one of them, I needed an intermediate type of event that would get me a feel for what this type of riding would be like.

Hence the JB12H.

Being in the middle of uni break, it was at an optimal time so that I could do it not in a massive rush and I'd have time to do some ex...


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OMV - Stage 2 Trail Opening on 22/6 has been Postponed Until Further Notice.

Posted on 19-06-2014 06:52, by SNORC

Following the cancellation of the original opening of the mtb trails, a number of riders ripped down the barrier and trashed the soft clay sections. These had just been repaired and hardened. Unfortunately the sections had not firmed up and so the damage was pretty bad. Council/SNORC hasn't been able to repair the damage as yet and so Council have postponed the official opening indefinately. Stage 2 will be open to riders once it dries out. We will keep you posted re a new date for the official opening event in the future.
Next maintenance day - 2PM 5th July
Remember 2PM for the next maintenance day. We have received a lot of comments back from you guys about stage 2. We agree and believe that stage 2 needs fine tuning. The flow could be better in parts, jumps in better locations and better drainage. We don't have the funding to pay someone to improve it but we hope to work on it bit by bit. We might tackle some of the stage 2 weak point...


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Di2 XTR – Is this the pinnacle of mtb transmission design?

Posted on 09-06-2014 14:15, by Grant B

Shimano recently released its first electric mtb group set in the form of Di2 XTR, but does it address everyone’s needs? It has plenty of options including the ability to run 1x, 2x or 3x chain rings across an 11-40 11 speed cassette. Programmable sequential shifting and the ability to run suspension and possibly an adjustable seat post off the same battery are all pretty cool if you want that too.

Let’s have a look at what the new XTR offers over a traditional cable set up.

If you’re running a 1x chaining set up you’ve probably come to terms with the reduced gear range compared to a 3x set up so nothing will really change with the Di2 XTR set up. Shifter feel might be a bit different having to push buttons instead of levers but it shouldn’t take long to get used to. Compared to the 42 tooth cog on the SRAM 1x group sets a...


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Trail Building & Maintenance – a series of thoughts pt5

Posted on 31-05-2014 20:45, by Grant B

Trail building & Maintenance – The Approval Process?

This instalment covers my experiences only. There are going to be differences in how other people interact with whichever body they are working with and if I’ve missed something or someone has gone about their approval process in a different way I’d love for your experiences to be shared.

The approval process for mountain bike trails is a tricky one and will be a little different depending on who owns the land. The first step is to find out who owns the piece of land you want to build on or have existing informal trails approved. I prefer to say informal instead of illegal as this is the same term that walkers and hikers use when discussing trails.

I think the best starting point for discovering who owns land is the SIX Maps website ( . From here you can use the tools to view boundari...


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Trail Building & Maintenance – a series of thoughts pt4

Posted on 18-05-2014 12:49, by Grant B

Trail Building & Maintenance – Some Do’s and Don’ts?

If only trail building and maintenance was as simple as digging a hole. It’s not an overly difficult thing to do, but it’s surprising how much common sense doesn’t get used when looking at how things should be done.

First off, get permission to do the work. Unless you are building on your own land you have to get permission to save yourself some trouble later on if you are building a new trail. If you plan on working on an existing trail network, get permission from the people involved. This might be the local club, council or small group of builders. Don’t go in and build a trail anywhere you want, or change someone else’s trail. It’s just not cool!

Planning is a must. Do some proper planning. Look at options when designing trails. Work out how you are going to get things done. How many people need to be involved? Wh...


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Manly Dam Upgrade

Posted on 13-05-2014 18:29, by Warringah Council, Steve Smith

Manly Dam upgrade work has commenced, Work is currently underway adjacent to the Warringah Street/ Manning Street section of track a.k.a. Track section 1 (see below). The entire track remains open and will remain so unless otherwise advised. From time to time diversions around the works may be in place. These will be well signed. Riders are requested to follow advisory signs and the relevant directions.

Sections Affected
• Track Section 1 Park Main Entry to Manning Street - the area of track east of Manning Street
• Track Section 3 Kirkwood Street to Wakehurst Parkway Gate - the Sniggle alongside the Wakehurst Parkway
• Track Section 7 Allambie Heights junction to bottom of 19th Hole - the track leading into and including the 19th Hole

WHEN: May-June (weather permitting)

WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU: Improved track drainage to reduce erosion and track widening and to enable the track to recover quicker after rain...


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The great downhill at Quarry Road, Hornsby

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