Benefits of using a portable dust collector

A dust collector is a unit used to collect the dust accumulated in any commercial or industrial processes, office spaces and our houses and improve the quality of air. Although, there are many types of dust collectors, one of the best and effective is the portable dust collector. These are mainly used in commercial and small workshops to collect the dust while operating a saw, tools and grinding machines. They are mainly used to control air pollution in the workspace for the well being of the employees present in the industries. It is also used to remove airborne dust found in equipments and floors. Nowadays, Government agencies are giving importance to the quality of air in the workplace for the well being of the workers.



Portable dust extraction units are the best option in any situation. Portable dust collectors have numerous benefits such as:


Portability: This is one of the obvious benefits of using them as they can be taken from one place to another with ease. It has the ability to change to any environment. They can be used if an employee has to work in an enclosed area to provide him proper safety and airflow. They are also used as a back-up unit for provisional maintenance actions. It is a great add on for any production company.


Maximize Floor Space: Their small size makes them very handy to use and also store when not in use. They can be used at home to clean the house occasionally and hobby workshops.

It is useful in equipment rooms and wood workshop. Portable dust collectors collect every bit of dust in the air that is pulled through suction lid.


They avoid fires or explosions, and prevent smash up  by collecting inflammable elements.

These portable dust collectors have numerous filter options,such as: aluminum mesh filters, high-pressure polyester filters, and cartridge filters that collects of contaminants present in the air.

As they are available in many sizes that are exceptionally well-suited for your company and requires minimum maintenance.


Portable Dust Collecting tool is made from high-grade raw material and ensure durability and optimum efficiency.


We can easily remove exterior dust drawer by means of positive lock.


As the dust collecting industry is developing, very effective portable dust collecting tool is being manufactured to satisfy the ecological rules and requirements of industries. We can be confident to witness more advanced portable dust collector in future.