Designer Paving Walkways for a perfect landscape

We would have travelled to various tourist spots to enjoy the nature. It gives us the most beautiful enlightenment in life and we can easily source them in our homes & offices through landscaping. It becomes more enchanting when we have the option to spend more time and watching them for longer period of time. The flora & fauna, vegetation, etc enhance the beauty of life and it becomes amazing when we can walk through them. The real pleasure lies in the journey and not the destination. The same job is done by walkways which add to the beauty of landscaped to make the walk (journey) more interesting. There are uncountable options of walkways to choose from but we should consider the following points to understand the right designer paving walkways for a perfect landscape.


  1.   Unorganised paths – The best design of pathways is an unorganized one which takes you from one place to another and has got lot of curves, thin & thick areas in between. One really enjoys the time when he / she moves in unplanned manner. The designs of pathways should be kept in a manner that the person relishes the time spent in walking which is possible when these are zig zag routes. The curves, the turns, the narrowing of structure & then widening gives an excellent pleasure in walking.
  2.   Deformed but smooth – The pattern of stones being used for pathways should be deformed in shape (no rectangle, square or circle) as these give a touch of natural & original work. But at the same time, the stones should be smooth for walking which may otherwise give injury to the walker.
  3.   Colour Magic – The walkways can be designed in different colours matching with the plantation around and lighting conditions. The light colours can be used for most of the places but the dark colours can be used in some limited areas with the bright flowers in the surroundings. The frequent change in colours will uplift the mood of the walker and give more energy while taking a walk. The colour therapy process can be used for this management.
  4.   Plantation in walkways – There are options to grow coloured grass in between the walkways. A square feet area (not necessarily square, it can be irregular shape) of plant or small grass can be grown inside the walkway to give better appearance for landscaping.
  5.   Concrete paving material – Bluestone and granite appear to best under some specific lighting conditions and have no substitute throughout. Similarly, cemented pavements have natural aura under sunlight. This can be chosen depending up on the decision maker. A good idea to complete the paving quick is by hiring a forklift


Concrete paving is the best ideas being implemented for landscape designing and now a days, there are uncountable options to select the right kind of concrete paving. One has to just ask for a specific choice and the products can be designed with proper customization. In Melbourne and looking for a landscaping architects in Melbourne? get in touch with Brisk Landscaping, we recommend them as they also excel in their paving services in west Melbourne.

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