Don’t Let the Termites Invade your Peace of Mind

Many homeowners can attest to having a termite infestation in their home. Termites can get into the structure of your home or the furniture causing serious problems if not detected early. A termite inspection can find a colony and save you lots of money in the long run. While it might not be easy to notice an invasion, termites tend to leave various indications of their presence. You can either choose to have a professional inspector carry out the inspection or do it yourself.

Your search should start in parts of your home that are damp or adjacent to a damp area. The basement is a likely place as termites thrive in wet soil and, therefore, unlikely to be in dry soil.

Mud Tunnels

Presence of mud tunnels is an indication of these insects being around. If they cannot find something to eat, they build mud tunnels to take them to a source of wood. The foundation is a good place to look for mud tunnels, which are about the width of a small stick.

You also have to check for any mud substances on wood surfaces. These insects burrow into the wood and close it up with mud. Moreover, traces of sawdust near a wood structure will indicate they are eating into the wood. Apart from that, you should also tap into the wood to determine if it’s hollow.

Wood Damage

Wood damage is not easy to detect as the termites do not leave visible marks on the outside. At first glance, the wood may look fine if there are no signs of damage or decaying. However, darkening or blistering indicates severe damage that crumbles when poked with a screwdriver. Presence of bubble on painted wood should also indicate a termite infestation as well.

There are many treatments available to control and eradicate a termite invasion. While one can do it yourself, it is recommendable to get a professional who is trained to carry out the inspection and recommend various control options. Methods could include monitoring stations, fumigation tents, sprays, foams and so much more depending on the species and other situation factors. The treatment should successfully eradicate the whole colony to prevent further damage.

Whether it’s a dry wood termite, wood boring bees or wasps, carpenter ants or damp wood termites, these insects cause extensive damage and need to be detected early enough. A yearly termite inspection should be carried out and preventive measures put into place. Only then you can enjoy living in your home peacefully.

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