Healthcare logistics: serving the world their own way

Logistics is a well-known term amongst those who are the receiving end of materials and those at the delivery. Medical logistics management is altogether a different term, relating to the field of pharmaceutical logistics that deals with medical and surgical supplies, medical devices and equipment and other products needed by doctors, nurses and other health care providers. The patients or the final customers are the responsibility of these doctors- thereby the most important role here is the effectiveness of the services.

Transport companies in Melbourne are providing this service amongst their other logistics, as it is now an important part of the health care system: it is also a part of their budgets these days which accounts for staff costs and medical supplies, considered to be the most expensive component of the health care sector.

Healthcare logistics in Australia has grown to be called your partner for hospital supply. They have been inculcating latest technologies, keeping up with the growing advancements in the industry. Also, with health being the concern here, it brings about more precision into their work. Below are the highlights of this service:


  • Use of freight and logistics software that can help manage the process.
  • An updated warehouse management system (WMS) technology that is in sync with the freight and logistics software, thereby making the loop completely secure and error free.
  • Real-time status provided by Web Tracking system by which you can now the current location of your order.
  • The integration of Web Tracking system with the warehouse management system also keeps a check on the inventory levels along with the tracking.
  • They also offer order fulfillment services for those who have been long associated with this industry.
  • Their services are such that they provide you with a receipt of the order and since they work on inventory systems strictly, their products have barcoding intact.
  • There are rules of labeling, kitting and assembling your order within provided timelines and also certain defined procedures for that.
  • Every healthcare logistic company follows basic principles of pick, pack and distribution in the right manner.

What makes this service unique is the balanced blend of supply chain cost with the level of service as required by the patients of that particular hospital and hence the patient needs. These days, a number of clients associated with the field of healthcare are the Government organizations that have special and specific requirements, which cannot be experienced by others.