A Guide For Using Warehouse Pallet Racking Systems

Most companies look for flexible storage solutions that enable them to achieve higher levels of efficiency and increase the quality assurance levels. Many companies prefer using pallet racking for storage of materials in warehouses.

Types of pallet racking

Pallet racking systems are of various types. Few of them include:

Wide-Aisle System

The most common system of warehouse racking in Melbourne is the wide aisle pallet system. This system is most suitable for storing goods for a longer period of time. It also ensures greater safety to materials and employees by virtue of its steel structure combined with vertical and horizontal braces.

Pallet racking system for high volumes

Large warehouses use pallet racking systems especially designed for high volume applications. These systems are most suitable for storage areas that witness constant traffic and require quick access to the stored materials.

Warehouse shelving installation

Modular Edge Racking System

The modular edge is a variant of systems of pallet racking and is the preferred choice among warehouse storage services in Melbourne. This system enhances worker accessibility and ensures safety. The storage capacity of the system can be enhanced by using accessories like frame protectors, anti collapse systems, steel mesh racks, deck panels and extra supports.

Factors to consider while choosing pallet racking systems

Organizations may choose from amongst the various kinds of pallet racking solutions. It is however advisable to consider the following factors while selecting the appropriate one:

  • Quantity or load of materials to be stored.
  • The available space in the warehouse in order to determine the size of the racking system.
  • Height restrictions in the warehouse.
  • The medium of access of materials and the handling process.
  • The type of materials to be stored.

Tips for effectively using pallet racking systems

Pallet racking systems can last long and efficiently store various kinds of materials. The following tips can help in maximizing the use of pallet shelving systems, you may also want to consider along with your warehouse racking, to get industrial warehouse high bay lighting:

Placing the materials squarely

For efficiently using pallet racking systems, it is important to ensure that the materials are stored evenly and squarely. The pallets must be properly deposited on rack beams to allow back and front overlapping of materials.

Consider the rack capacity

While using pallet racking systems, it is essential to ensure that the weight of stored materials does not exceed the load capacity of the rack. The workers must be informed regarding the load capacity limitations for the racks.

Repairs and maintenance

Regular inspections of the pallet racking systems may be conducted in order to identify any signs of damage. Precautions may be taken to repair the detected damages in order to ensure efficient functioning of the racking system. To increase efficiency, you may even want to look at getting commercial solar system in Melbourne for your warehouse.

Pallet racking systems offer a number of advantages and can effectively store a variety of materials. Proper usage can enhance their efficiency and provide innumerable benefits in terms of storage and quality assurance.

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