What To Ask About Roof Cleaning

Getting your roof cleaned by yourself is a pain in the butt. Not only is it dangerous and will require extra products to get it done, it is a struggle to complete. Roofs are different to rooms in a home. You need an experienced touch. This is why thousands of people go looking for roof cleaning services. 

They want someone to to the job for them – and do it better than themselves!  But how do you find out if the person or company you are hiring can do the job for you? Simple: ask them these questions – provided by Murnane Slate Roofing who provide the best in slate roof repairs in Melbourne – so you have all the information you need when it comes to getting professionals.  You can learn more about them here. 

Question Number One: What type of roofs can you work on? 

Remember that each roof is different. And each roofing material is different. So you can’t approach a shingles roof the same as you would approach a slate roof. The professional should be able to handle any roof you throw at them, so ask them if they can manage yours. The last thing you want is for your roof to be damaged beyond belief because of a wrong cleaning approach. 

Question Number Two: How long have you been cleaning roofs for? 

When it comes to any type of roofing work, you need an experienced person to do the job for you. You can’t have just “anybody”. You need someone that is going to go above and beyond to ensure they can deliver the result you want. The same applies to roof cleaning services. Don’t be shy to ask how long they have been working for, so you can gauge the amount of experience they have in the field. 

Question Number Three: What is included in your roof cleaning services? 

This is one key question that many people forget to ask when it comes to hiring a roof cleaning specialist: what are you getting what you paid for? Are you paying for the service, the labour, the equipment or something else? Before you hand them any money, you should get all details before they start working. You want bang for your buck!  

Question Number Four: Are you covered with insurance? 

Imagine if the contractor falls off your roof and hurts themselves. You call the ambulance, they come and help the man and you’re done. But then they call you back asking to claim some compensation. Why? Because they don’t have any insurance for their work. You are stuck with the paying their health bills and maybe even a court case. Don’t risk it. 

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