Why themed concrete floors are the current trend

Concrete floorings have long been associated with floors that look drab, cold and visually unappealing. However, in recent years, this perception has undergone a transformation. Concrete floors are now no longer considered drab and dull. Stained concrete floors can significantly enhance the appeal of any given space. The colors may be chosen to give a unique theme. These floorings can add warmth and beauty to any given space.

This trend has led to a change in perceptions about concrete polished floors. Themes which complement the overall décor may be chosen to enhance the appeal of any given space. There are numerous designs and themes that can be chosen to suit the specific requirements of various spaces. In residential establishments themes may be selected to match the overall décor. For children’s rooms, themes based on cartoon characters or in bold, vibrant colors may be chosen. For commercial establishments, themes which depict the underlying principles of the organization or the ones that take reference from the products and services may be used. Water based themes depicting aquatic life are immensely popular and are often seen in a number of establishments.

The growing popularity of themed concrete floors

Themed concrete floors in various colors and designs are increasingly becoming popular. They look aesthetically appealing and provide a number of other advantages. Few of them include:

Unique appearance

Themed concrete floors lend a unique appearance to the overall space. The different patterns and designs often become the center of attraction of any given space. When used in commercial establishments, they can help in making the business stand out.

Ease of maintenance

Themed floors stained in various colors are extremely easy to maintain. They can effectively be cleaned using a mop. Themed floors are polished at the time of installation. Over a period of time, the shine may disappear. These floors can easily be polished again to maintain the shine and look. The themed floors hence provide an easy and affordable solution to enhance the look of any given space.

There are various types of dyes and stains which may be chosen to give a unique design and theme to the floor. Themes may be created by using acid stains to create unique patterns on the floor. Different colors and hues may be chosen to make the designs look unique and appealing.


Theme concrete floors are highly customizable. They can effectively be used in areas of all sizes. There are a multitude of design and color options to choose from. The patterns may be customized according to the taste and budget requirements.


Themed concrete floors are extremely durable just like the basic concrete floors. With little maintenance, they may last for several years. The shine can be restored by polishing the floor after a gap of few years.

Cost effective

Themed floors provide a cost effective solution for all those looking for affordable means to make their residential or commercial establishments stand out. The underlying installation principle of themed concrete floors is based on the one used for basic polished concrete floors. The procedure is not very time consuming and does not require high levels of investment.

Themed concrete floors are the latest trend. Their ability to lend a distinct appearance to any space has enhanced their popularity. Various types of available themes may be chosen for such floors.

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