4 Ways To Protect Your Gutters In Winter

Gutters are the lifeblood of the roof. Think of the roof as a heart and the gutters clear out all the bacteria and dirt that can pile up all roof.  You might have the strongest foundations for your home, such as steel framing systems (if you are interested in this system, contact us today) or timber stability, but that doesn’t mean you can avoid your gutters.

That is why there is an extensive need to always ensure that your gutters are in good condition year-round. But while you should be looking out for your gutters all the time, winter is the most difficult time of the year for roofs. It is during this time that you should be looking at getting your gutters protected, and we have four ways in which you can do it:

Clean your gutters.

This goes without saying: before and during winter, make sure you dedicate some time to cleaning out your gutters. While this might seem like the easiest task, a lot of people don’t put the effort into this part. But by cleaning your gutters, you are making your life easier than ever before.Trim your trees.

You don’t have to go crazy and cut down all the trees around your home; just the ones that might be affecting your gutters. The trees closer to your gutters should be trimmed and cut back. This is a preventative step to ensure that if there are any wild winds or storms, no debris will break into the gutters. Take this step and you’ll save yourself lots of drama.

Try a test run.

To make sure that your gutters are in full flow, give it a try run. The best way to do is collect two buckets of water: one of clean water, one filled with bits of debris. Climb up and pour the water down the gutters, each bucket on its own. You’ll be able to see if the water goes down the gutters without any issues or if there are any problems. You’ll even get a better scope of the status of your gutters, and can take any action if you need.

Install new gutters if needed.

After a test run you might notice that your gutters aren’t running at full capacity anymore. They might have problems or might be struggling to flow cleanly. They might even be damaged. When this happens, you know one thing: the gutters have to be replaced or repaired. Thankfully, the price difference between the two services isn’t that different, so you can get new gutters installed when you need them.

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