Four Things To Do For Your Home Before A Holiday

All ready for your holiday? Bags packed, car’s ready? Well, before you just jump in and go off, there are few things you should do for your home to ensure that you can have a relaxing and fun time. What are the ‘things’ we talking about? Keep reading below to find out:

Clean It All Up

The last thing you want after a holiday is to come home and find it a complete mess, dirty and filled with bacteria. That is why you go about cleaning it all up. Sweep (no pun intended) through your home and make it clean as possible. From washing the floors to cleaning the bathroom, it is vital that you ensure that your home is in the best condition before you leave. For many people, this process is left last as there are other things they focus on before leaving for a holiday. So if you are struggling to get your home cleaned, look up domestic house cleaning in Melbourne for help. You’ll be able to find all types of services, such as window cleaning by AAA Super Shine to ensure that your home is cleaned all over.

Unplug Electronic Devices/Appliances

Now, unplugging all devices and appliances from your home might take a while – and be a pain in the butt in the process – but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attempt to do it. Our advice would be to unplug all the key appliances that can cause problems (fridges, laundry, dishwasher) to ensure that nothing goes wrong when you are away. If you can’t then we suggest shutting off the power completely to your home.

Lock Everything

This is a must – but you’ll be surprised at how often people don’t do this. Make sure that when you’re about to leave, that you look go through all parts of your home and lock it down. The last thing you want is someone to walk in with ease and raid your place. Lock everything and prevent easy thefts and robberies to happen. Your insurance won’t cover you if you leave your home open, so lock it down tight.


Leave A Key With Someone

After you’ve locked up your home, it is time to ensure that everything is okay time to time. And to do that, you should leave your keys with someone you trust. Whether that is your family friend, a family member or your best friend, leaving a key behind can be super useful. The person can check up your home, ensure everything is okay and even clean it for your now and then! Obviously, it goes without saying: make sure the person is trustworthy to the core.

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