Polished Concrete and its Uses

No-wax floors are the ones to look out for in homes. Now professionals are going the grinding way where they grind concrete floor surfaces either the old ones, existing ones or even the new ones to a very glossy and authentic looking which will never need any wax or extra layers of coating. The main features of these floors are that they are super durable and high performance in delivering. These two reasons are the main cause why warehouses, retail houses, and offices are opting for this polished concretes even more than ever. Polished concretes are great alternatives to marbles, granites, and tiles in terms of durability as well as prices, that’s why they’re so popular when it comes to being used in kitchens in Sydney. These floors have an appearance of very smooth, glossy and always new looking floors which customers look for everywhere.

Although the process which will be delivered to the customers will be easy and without any hassles but the process done by these professionals is a multi-level one. From choosing the level of sheen (satin gloss to high gloss) to choosing the colors and patterns for the floor, everything is critical for the seller and important to the customer. Its easy maintenance is its main selling point as well as its USP. The only thing which is required to maintain your concrete polished floors is occasional dusting and mopping. The process involved is very interesting starting with the use of coarse diamond segments which are bonded in a metallic matrix and put into the flooring before polishing which removes blemishes, pits, and stains from the floors. Then the concrete surface is finely grinded using diamonds embracive embedded in the floors for a smoother look.

For giving the floors high glossy finish, a grit of 1500 or a much finer one is used. When polishing process is being done a layer of an impregnating seal is applied which sinks inside the concrete and protects it from inside out as well as gives the floor a hard and toughened look, as well as the material itself, gets tough and hard making it concrete. Also because of this seal, there is no need for an extra layer of paints or coats of sealers which reduce maintenance problems significantly, another similar type of flooring to concrete is epoxy flooring by Granicrete Australia. There are two types of methods by which you can polish your concretes being a dry and wet method. The dry method is the one which is popular and used commonly because it is a faster process and is very convenient too whereas wet method uses water which makes it difficult to dry and is time-consuming too.

The cost of these floors is very low as compared to other types of floorings. The basic concrete flooring cost is around $3 per sqft. If the customer wants the colored or dyed floors, then the cost will be around $3-$7 per sqft. If the customer wants to enhance their already polished concrete flooring by adding colors or dyes to the existing floors can also be an option as there is a wide variety of lines, grids, borders, and bands which give the floors an even more aesthetic and appealing look.

There are a variety of mixes which you can apply to your floors some of them being-

1) Colored aggregates being applied to the concrete mix or seeded into the top layer of the mix.

2) Integrally colored.

3) The glass being seeded into the mix.

4) Nails, bolts or any other objects being seeded into the mix and then polished smoothly.

5) The combination of the above-named patterns.

Although these polished concrete floors look as smooth and shiny as a glass but in terms of slipperiness, they are not at all that and are very safe for walking as well as running, that’s why kitchen installers in Sydney love to use them in their kitchen renovations. Concrete polished floors are the best to use as summarized above.

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