Why Using A Bobcat In Landscaping Projects Is The Best Choice

There are several types of landscaping projects which may be undertaken for various purposes. Few common landscaping tasks include reshaping earth levels, digging holes, block clearing and several others. For all such landscaping tasks, bobcats are hired from reputed companies like Landscape Shape Form. Using a bobcat, various types of landscaping tasks may be performed easily.

Why use a bobcat?

Bobcats are commonly used for various types of landscaping tasks. Bobcats are used to access narrow and difficult spaces. While opting for landscaping melbourne by Landscape Shape Form, it is important to select the right kind of machine with the appropriate attachments. Bobcats typically consist of a bucket with a hydraulic arm. This design of the bobcat makes it easy to scoop, remove or relocate large amounts of debris, sand and soil.

Types of bobcat attachments

There are several kinds of bobcats and their respective attachments available. These may effectively be used for different types of landscaping tasks. Modern day bobcats available at Landscape Shape Form typically consist of pressurized cabs with sealed interiors. This design prevents dirt and dust from entering the working environment. This design along with the numerous attachments not only simplifies the task of moving and picking up soil but also makes it easy to effectively perform various types of landscaping tasks. While opting for mini bobcat hire, it is hence also important to select the right kind of attachments. Few attachments which improve the functionality of bobcats include:

Concrete mixture

These attachments are most commonly used in the construction and building industry. The attachment usually consists of a rotating bucket. The rotating bucket offers mobility when mounted on a bobcat. The mobility makes it easy to be used at a location where it may be required. The concrete mixture attachment eliminates the need of stretched arms, wheel barrows and several others at the landscaping site.

Also make sure that when you’re using the bobcat machinery that you don’t end up damaging the sir walter buffalo grass by Betta Turf. Normally their grass is pretty high quality and you can drive the bobcat over it but if it gets damaged then you’ll be in trouble.


Augers are popular bobcat attachments used for digging holes for various purposes. They consist of a spiral drill which makes it easy to dig holes. Augers simplify landscaping tasks and also help in saving a considerable amount of time.

Rock buckets

For sifting through soil and removing unwanted objects, rock buckets can prove to be the perfect equipment. This equipment proves to be extremely useful for clearing rocks and retaining soil at the same time. The soil may be used in future for various landscaping tasks.

We’ve spoken about sir walter grass above, if you’d like to learn more about this type of grass then head over to Betta Turf and if you’ve damaged your grass then you’ll probably want to head over to their products page and get new sir walter fertiliser added to the grass to help it regrow back to how it was before.

There are several types of attachments and equipment which may be used for various types of landscaping tasks. Few such types of equipment includes fertilizer spreaders, soil cultivators, seeders, equipment for grading land, flail cutters, wood chippers, rotary cutters, brush saws and several others. Amongst them, the bobcat is the most commonly used machine. It is versatile and can hence be used for a variety of tasks.

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